A few months ago, I posted in a Walking Dead group on Facebook asking everyone’s opinion on Lori Grimes. I was shocked at the ferocity of people’s reactions–and the polarization. I wondered if people of different ages, marital status, or genders might have different views on Lori. So, I created a survey about the Walking Dead’s Lori Grimes.

It’s taken me a while to compile the results, but here they are, for those interested. (If you want the details on how this survey was done, see the bottom of this post.)

Was Lori and Rick’s marriage bad before the apocalypse?

My first question was how people perceived the couple’s relationship before everything went to shit. Here’s the breakdown by gender.

Takeaway: Men were much more critical of Lori, apparently they assumed that she was a biatch long before the walkers came.

Women's view of Lori-Rick Marriage



Men's view of Lori-Rick's Marriage


I also compared the opinion of those who were or had been in relationships with those who were/had been single. There was actually only a small difference in opinion between those two groups. So, apparently, gender is the big divide here.

Was it ok for Lori to have a relationship with Shane?

Next, I asked people’s opinions about Lori getting involved with Shane when she thought Rick was dead.

Takeaway: Not a big difference of opinion between men and women on this one. Men were slightly more likely to think Lori shouldn’t have gotten involved with Shane. But mostly, people were pretty forgiving of Lori on this front.

Women's view of Lori-Shane relationship


Men's view of Lori-Shane relationship

Was Lori undermining Rick with her questioning?

This was one of the issues that came up in the Facebook group and caused me to start the survey. Certainly, Lori questioned Rick. The issue is, was that just the kind of discussion you’d expect between husband and wife or was she being critical of him via that questioning.

Takeaway:  A majority of both genders thought she was undermining him. But men disliked Lori’s questioning of Rick by an even greater margin(9% more).

Here are the different gender’s takes:

Women's view of Lori questioning Rick Men's view of Lori questioning Rick



For this one, there was also a significant difference in opinion between those who were in a relationship and those who weren’t. Check it out:

Married people's view of Lori questioning Rick

Single people's view of Lori questioning Rick

Takeaway: Look at that! Married people were way more likely to think Lori was undermining Rick with her questioning. That surprise me.

Was Lori’s reaction to Rick killing Shane acceptable?

And now we get to the crux of it: how did people like Lori’s response when she found out that Rick killed Shane.

Takeaway: The majority of men and women thought Lori should have been behind Rick 100% in killing Shane. But, women were more likely to be forgiving of her ambivalence.

Women's view of Lori's reaction to Shane killing

Men's view of Lori's reaction to Shane killing

(I also took a look at the difference between single people’s opinions and married folks, and there was no significant difference.)

Did Lori know who was Judith’s father?

Lastly, I asked people whether they thought Lori knew who Judith’s father really was.

Takeaway: As you can see, there’s a significant difference of opinion here. The majority of men thought Lori knew that Shane was the father. The women mostly thought Lori was being honest and didn’t know.

Women's view of whether knew who Judith's father was

Men's view of whether knew who Judith's father was

So, those are the results of my Walking Dead survey on Lori Grimes.

And now, how about taking my quiz:  Ship ’em. Tell me who you’d ship with Rick, Daryl, and Eugene from the Walking Dead?


About this survey

I used SurveyMonkey to collect over 200 responses for this survey.  I posted on my own Facebook feed, and on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit in appropriate groups/using appropriate hashtags. I got a lot of responses from Reddit users, which slants young and male. So keep that in mind when reviewing the results.

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