And I’m not alone.

I’ve never owned a gun. And while I support the second amendment, I also strongly support gun control. Losing a family member in the Cafe Racer shooting only deepened my commitment to that.

And yet…for the first time in my life, I am seriously considering getting a gun. Thanks to Trump.

It’s been a crazy week and it doesn’t look like things are going to slow down. I haven’t attended a protest in years, but I’ve been to two in the last ten days. A fifty-four year old mother with back problems walking miles at the Women’s March in my pussy hat and then carrying my sign onto the bus Sunday night to protest Trump’s executive order at Westlake Center.

I got back from that protest to read that DHS and CBP officials at airports weren’t complying with judicial rulings. They continued to follow the Trump administration’s orders and block lawyers’ access to refugees and immigrants.

The Executive Branch was not yielding to the Judicial Branch.

America’s checks and balances weren’t working. We were having a constitutional crisis.

Ok. Well, maybe it was just a few agents that hadn’t gotten the message. The administration seemed to have  bumbled into this constitutional crisis. Trump has taken “draining the swamp” so far that he’s removing even the civil servants with core knowledge. This. This was the inevitable result of people with no government experience–and an unwillingness to listen to those with experience–trying to run the most powerful government in the world.

I went to sleep Sunday. Then, Monday, I started seeing articles about shock events and trial balloons for a coup and Bannon’s cleverness.

Then Trump fired Attorney General Yates for doing her job and standing up for the law–and called her a traitor. That’s what dictator’s do to their opposition.

He fired and replaced the head of ICE with someone more hardcore. Strongmen consolidate power in people willing to go to any lengths to enforce their will.

And this is all after he changed the makeup of the National Security Council, giving his political operative Bannon, a leading role and reducing the role of the people with, well, Intelligence.

Maybe it’s all unrelated. Or maybe it really is a coup and the administration really does intend to challenge our three-branch system. My mind wended down the path of what-if’s.

What if the Executive branch doesn’t follow the Judicial Branch’s rulings.

The Executive branch controls the military. So they won’t come out to enforce the law.

That leaves the Legislative branch to impeach Trump.

But it’s not looking like most Congressional Republicans are going to choose country and constitution over party. Despite all their talk about being Patriots and Loving America, when it comes down to it, I’m afraid they’ll choose a right-wing dictator.

And that leaves us, the people, to defend our country. And that means I need a gun.

This is crazy talk. Had to be. So I posted on Facebook:

Facebook post

It was a Hail Mary. A talk me down, here. But that’s not what happened.

Sane people–mostly women–said they’d had the same thought. Women I’ve known for years who are liberal, yes, but not usually politically active and certainly not conspiracy theorists–they’d had the same thought. Or were thinking about stocking up on supplies so they can hunker down if need be.

This is where Trump has taken us, in less than two weeks. Already, I’ve seen ALL my liberal friends get active. Everybody is doing something. People who generally vote and not much more are now joining Indivisible, donating to the ACLU, calling their reps. We’ve been complacent, but not anymore.

Yes, I see the irony in the fact that I, a “bleeding heart Liberal” am now seemingly a conspiracy theorist heading toward becoming a survivalist. And the right-wing “patriots” appear to be heading toward supporting the demolition of our Democracy. Just, wow.

I’m not buying a gun. Not yet. For right now, I’ll keep the revolution peaceful and hope that courageous Republicans in Congress and in the public stand up for our Democracy. This isn’t a party issue. This is an America issue. I don’t like Pence, but it’s better to have Pence as President and working within the framework of our Constitution than Trump and Bannon tearing it into pieces.

And if I have to get a gun, I will. Because I’m a patriotic American. And they aren’t going to take my country from me.

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