Her body is cloned.

Her mind is half AI, half the memories of a dead girl.

And the dead girl isn’t happy about it.

Cyborg Delta has one hundred days to pass as human or she’ll be dismantled. To help, she’s been given a program built on the memories of a dead seventeen-year-old named Emma. The Emma program is supposed to guide Delta in bridging the chasm between machine and human. It’s more than a program to Delta, Emma is her guide, her confidante, and the equivalent of her soul.

So it’s a disaster when the Emma program has an existential crisis. Instead of helping Delta, it begins sabotaging their mission. On top of that, Delta discovers her creators are keeping secrets from her: she’s not the only teen cyborg they’ve made. She has a competitor and only one cyborg can win.

Driven by these threats, she secretly digs into Emma’s past. Delta must uncover the truth about how she was created and help the Emma program come to peace with it —or both she and this last echo of Emma will disappear forever.

Coming in Spring, 2020

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